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Beginners Free Photography Class

1 hour


Learn the basics of photography in one hour.

This workshop is presented by Swiss Photo Club.

About the Course

Do you have a camera but feel overwhelmed by all the settings and end up using the Auto mode?

Or are you taking good photos with your smartphone and now you’re considering buying a new camera?

Take your first step into photography with this free one-hour photography course.

This energetic workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic settings of your camera, key principles of exposure and composition and also our recommendations for cameras and lenses.

This free photography course also includes a discussion of what to look for when you do buy a camera, so you can make an informed decision.

This workshop will be delivered in English.

Your Instructor

Thomas Halfmann

Thomas Halfmann

If you are looking for that special look in your images, containing some wabi-sabi, we shall talk. My visual language is mostly black and white, which I have been using for most of my photographic life, starting with Kodak T-Max and a Minolta XD-7 in the 1990s. I am photographing with digital and film, depending on the project that I am creating, either in my own studio or on location.

I deliver workshops for Swiss Photo Club since 2022 with focus on beginners, intermediates, portrait, architecture, landscape, street photography, and black & white.

It's all about inspiration.

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