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Intermediate Evening Photography Course

5 weeks

Basel-Stadt und Reinach (BL)

5-week intensive course to improve your photographic skills continuously and sustainably

This workshop is presented by Swiss Photo Club. With the code "THOMAS10" you get 10% discount at check-out.

About the Course

Five weeks - one evening per week - two hours per evening.

The course provides advanced knowledge and concepts, tips and tricks, and personal feedback.

The most important thing is: PRACTICE. We will work on interesting exercises and tasks to implement and deepen what we have learned. Homework will be discussed and analyzed at the next meeting.

Each week we will focus on a specific area of photography in more depth. For each topic there are new exercises and a week to implement them. Best of all, any difficulties, problems or questions that arise can be discussed, explained and solved directly. This ensures a continuous and sustainable improvement of your photographic skills. During these weeks you will get to know your camera even better, completely immerse yourself in the subject matter and intensively deal with different techniques.

Learn to recognize and capture different moments and lighting conditions, as well as how to properly handle flash and image editing programs.


You already know the basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field) as well as the most important functions of your camera (exposure modes, focusing, setting aperture and shutter speed, ...) and now you want to learn how to take even better pictures.

What you need to bring:

Your camera: no matter if DSLR, mirrorless system camera, bridge camera, superzoom camera, ...

With this extensive course program you will improve from week to week and learn everything you need to shoot good photos.

The workshop will be in English and German.

Your Instructor

Thomas Halfmann

Thomas Halfmann

If you are looking for that special look in your images, containing some wabi-sabi, we shall talk. My visual language is mostly black and white, which I have been using for most of my photographic life, starting with Kodak T-Max and a Minolta XD-7 in the 1990s. I am photographing with digital and film, depending on the project that I am creating, either in my own studio or on location.

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